Outstanding Disability Employer Awards: Sir Benedict’s Tavern on the Lake with Udac

February 19, 2018

An individual from Udac performs janitorial work at Sir Ben’s Tavern on the Lake, which is on Lake Superior. He previously served on a crew here with one other individual and a job coach from Udac.

“Sir Ben’s Owner Josh Stotts displays compassionate understanding when working directly with his staff, said John McLoughlin, employment services manager for Udac, Inc., a nonprofit serving people with disabilities in the Duluth area. “He patiently listens to their concerns, professionally explains work expectations and makes accommodations if needed.”

Stotts said the individuals with disabilities he has hired are very loyal and are fun to work with. “When you have employees and you work with people, you hope that you’re doing right by them,” said Stotts. “We want to be a place where they can work for a while, make some money, pay their bills and do what they do.”

The owner worked closely with Udac’s Supported Employment Services department and provided hands-on training to ensure the employee’s success. Stotts said when people do a great job, he lets them know, and if improvements are needed, he lets them know that, as well. “If there’s an ability to become independent, hopefully we can play a part,” said Stotts.