Cultivate Success

Chrissy's Employment Independence Journey

Chrissy’s journey to employment independence was one that started when she expressed a desire for a more independence in her life. With the support of Udac’s Career Coach and an Individualized Employment Support Program, her entire team committed to a plan that allowed her to stretch to reach new skills and supported her to accomplish her goals.

The risks and benefits of her full integration into community life through work and transportation were openly discussed and a plan was developed. Chrissy’s journey included gradual and incremental progress and growth opportunities designed to lead to autonomy and independence. Her Journey was not without stumbles & the need to reset when progress was interrupted by challenges, but she met every challenge with renewed energy and determination. Her success was the result of the supportive environment and the consistent assessment of her Udac Career Coach who identified the possibilities and opportunities unique to Chrissy and help her created the path to success. Each step in the journey involved Chrissy and her support team and each step was thoughtfully and clearly planned out.

Chrissy’s excitement in her accomplishments was evident when she shared her success in using community transportation to her job with her peers during an Udac Virtual Employment Skills program. Her experience and sharing of her success is inspiring others to advocate for themselves in becoming independent in community living.

Today, Chrissy is independent in her job & the use of community transportation to and from her place of employment. She is responsible for her work assignment and the quality of her work. In addition to her job assignment, Chrissy volunteered to help her employer in another job when that area was short staffed.

At Udac we are committed to helping you CHALLENGE your disability, CREATE your unique opportunities and we are there to assist you to CULTIVATE your success!!!

Shelly's Story

Individuals are allowed the opportunity to learn about themselves at Udac, including the joy of being part of a working community and the reward of earning a paycheck, sharing time together in the community, the freedom of individual choice, healthy life practices and expressing themselves through creativity. Each individual at Udac is unique so each day can be different for everyone.

In 2018, Shelly came to Udac because she wanted to be part of the working community. She began in Udac’s Mailing and Shredding department and soon became part of the Community Employment Services – landing a job at the Maritime Museum through EasyLiving. In addition to the Maritime Museum, she also works at St. Scholastica 2 days each week. She now enjoys her work and the connections she feels within her community.

At Udac, our role is to provide individuals with Education, Training, and Skill Development to increase independence within the community. Our person-centered learning pods are uniquely designed with individuals to help them develop the skills they determine are most valuable to them.

Some examples of our learning pods include:

  • Employment Services – Employment exploration, Development, and Support
  • Work Readiness – Professionalism, communication, workplace relationships, teamwork, and job searching
  • Technology Training – Computer training and internet safety
  • Independent Living – Community living, social experiences, money management and literacy, household management, etc.
  • Community Connections – Volunteering, gardening, touring facilities and life skills safety training
  • Business Enterprise – Bulk mailing, confidential document destruction, packaging and assembly
  • Health & Wellness – Discussions on improving health, healthy food choices, food selection and shopping, strength training and yoga