A Brief History

Udac has evolved through the years, but the organization has always had one powerful mission – to support individuals with disabilities. We are dedicated to the lifelong education and training of individuals of all abilities.

**Udac is a word and not an acronym. Udac is always spelled capital “U” small “dac.” The word “Udac” represents 50 years of support for differently-abled individuals to advance community inclusion through employment and civic life.

Present Day

The pandemic brought many changes. Udac’s 14c special-minimum wage program in assembly, mailing and document shredding closed. Navigating the new normal allowed Udac to focus on community inclusion and develop independent employment opportunities more fully. This shift in programming helps advance independence and confidence as individuals stretch to reach new levels of growth.


2019 marks the 50 Year Anniversary of Udac providing leadership for individuals with disabilities.


Joseph and Nancy Bullyan committed a $3,000,000 transformational gift to Udac in April which allowed Udac to purchase the former DBU building at 4724 Mike Colalillo Drive.

In October, we moved into the new space with renewed energy and focus on leading community integration and customized employment.


Udac is a thriving organization that continues to build on its experience and is expanding to serve a more diverse population of people with disabilities and other challenges.


Udac continued to expand services, allowing clients more choices in employment and activities. This included developing a mailing business, which received national recognition for its innovation in providing employment. Udac became the organization’s legal name.

Social Entrepreneurship Book


Community integration became more and more popular, and services for people with disabilities began to move outside the confines of buildings and into communities. Udac began offering supported employment, in which people with disabilities worked at community sites with the support of a job coach.


Changes in federal law mandated public education for all children, regardless of the nature of their disability or severity of need. Udac celebrated this change and began focusing more on adults. Our new name: United Developmental Achievement Center of Duluth, Inc (UDAC).


United Day Activity Center was incorporated in Duluth as one of the first organizations in the state to offer out-of-home activities for children and adults with disabilities.

Our Leadership Team

Karen Herman

Executive Director

Ann Dahl

Director of Operations

Lola Aune

Director of Human Resources

Casey Lozon

Employee Development Manager

Chris McCord

Career and Life Coach Manager

Nicole Opland

Career and Life Coach Manager

Nova Senarighi

Transportation / Administrative Assistant

John Skiba

Career and Life Coach Manager

Jenna Peterson

Career and Life Coach Manager

Paige Wanek

Career and Life Coach Manager

Kathryn Hegstrom

Career and Life Coach Manager

Board of Directors

Katy Morgan

Board Chair

Abhi Devireddy

Chair Elect
Essentia Health

Kim Brody


Jacob Stonesifer

Past Chair
Johnson, Killen, & Seiler Law Firm

Members at Large

Jacob Stonesifer

Past Chair
Johnson, Killen, & Seiler Law Firm

William Watson

Northwestern Mutual

John Vidmar

Essentia Health

Julie Visger

Flint Group

Ronda Bliss

Anoka County

Jake Tornquist


Diane Holliday-Welch

Community Leader

Ellie Fournier

Lake Superior College

Andrea Mistelske