In the Community

Being of the community means building relationships within the community.

Relationships in the community are fostered and enhanced by volunteering, working and participating at all levels in community life.

A few examples of our community relationships are:

Duluth Community Garden Program

So many of us at Udac have enjoyed our partnership with the Duluth Community Garden Program. From weeding to cultivating – we’ve done it all and have enjoyed meeting new friends within our community.

The mission of the Duluth Community Garden Program strives to cultivate healthy neighborhoods by providing access to land, resources, and community.

Age Well Arrowhead

What makes a GREAT community? Engaging and helping others! We have recently started working with the Groceries To Go program for Age Well Arrowhead.

We support the program by shopping for home-bound individuals at Super One Foods and then delivering groceries to their homes. Multiple studies have shown that aging in a home environment is good for the head and the heart, provided you have people to support and care for you. The qualified team of consultants and volunteers at work to ensure you have a loving network of support and services so that you can live comfortably in your own home.

Whether it’s caregiver counseling, helping facilitate family meetings or providing grocery shopping, homemaker or companion services, Age Well Arrowhead is passionate about serving the older adults and caregivers of our community and Udac is proud to be helping Age Well Arrowhead achieve their mission and support our community.

CHUM Duluth

CHUM supported by 42 faith-based communities, is Duluth’s primary “safety net” for the most vulnerable and impoverished people, especially those who are homeless or at risk of homelessness in Duluth, MN. CHUM is currently working to increase capacity to help people address issues of severe mental illness and Substance Use Disorder.