Our vision is to create a community where opportunity is accessible to individuals of all abilities; one person, one career, one possibility at a time.

  • Ability

    Ability - It's not something defined by numbers or scores. Words on a page can't spell it out. It doesn't fit into a box.

  • Cultivate Success

    Chrissy's journey to employment was started when she expressed a desire for more independence.

  • Community Engagement

    Relationships in the community are fostered and enhanced by volunteering, working and participating at all levels in community life.


 We improve our community.

We engage with our community.

We build meaningful relationships with our community.

We embrace our community.


Welcome to our new home, the Joseph and Nancy Bullyan Center for Udac.

Support your community

Whether you are an individual or business, your support will help Udac to continue crucial programming and services for the individuals we serve as well as our families.