Vision, Mission and Values driven, Udac programs are designed to serve the goals of the individual. The Learning Pods provide a framework for vocational, educational and skill development opportunities that are selected by each person to assist them in achieving their dreams.

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The Knowledge Retention Learning Pod is designed to help people in the development of tools that assist them to successfully enjoy life and age well. Individuals select failure-free activities that enhance their memory retention. The learning activities strive to preserve social interaction and verbal communication while developing skills in anxiety management and self comfort.

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Creative Learning

Knowledge enhancement is the focus of this Learning Pod. Designed to grow skills and introduce new experiences the program invites and encourages individuals to explore new ideas and new opportunities to learn through instructional activities; music, book clubs, creative writing, film, discussions, art, and community activities. The program uses classroom, community, subject experts to assist in the learning journey.

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The Sensory Learning Pod is unique for each individual based on their treatment plan and delivered in their preferred environment.

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Independent Living

The Independent Living Pod is designed to teach skills that includes money management, social fluency, literacy, personal appearance and nutrition to independently live in the community.

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Community Connections

The Community Connections Pod builds on the lessons learned from the other pods through community experiences. Volunteering, touring businesses and visiting local attractions are used as tools to further advance learning.  This pod includes life safety education.  Feeling safe in the community while being independent is the desired outcome.

Computer Training Program
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Computer Training

The Computer Training Pod is designed to achieve computer literacy. The program teaches basic computer skills and will advance with the individual to include intermediate and advanced computer skills.

Work Readiness

The Work Readiness Pod teaches skills to be a valued employee leading to successful community employment. Skill development includes listening to the supervisor, work skill development, being an effective team member and managing distractions. Additional skills may include accepting feedback, problem-solving and advocating for self.

Health and Wellness

Wellness is an active process of becoming aware of and making decisions toward a healthy and fulfilling life. Discussions and activities provide tools that allow individuals to maintain or improve their health. The Pod includes strength training, yoga, dental health and nutrition.


Employment Services

Employment Services is a process that is customized for each individual. It allows each person to gain an understanding of working in the community. Careers or jobs are included in the exploration.

Employment Exploration - driven by knowledge, preferences and interests - each person explores employment to make informed decisions about competitive employment. Exploration of occupations, job shadowing, work experiences or job clubs, may be included.

Employment Development - assists individuals to seek and obtain competitive, integrated employment using tools such as customized employment. Interviewing skills, resume development and business contacts  support the job seeker in finding a desired career or job.

Employment Support - ongoing services and support that help individuals be successful in community employment.  Support services may include group or individual coaching for job success. Job counseling, job transportation, adaptive accommodations, modified work tasks, advocacy, negotiation and liaison communication with the employer may be included.